Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Adventures

In May, I returned to the U.S. from Guatemala. I was obviously sad that my time as a Peace Corps Volunteer (3 years and 5 months!) had come to the end and devastated at having to leave Donal behind (for now), but I was also really ready to start moving forward with the immigration process and to find out what I had been missing all those years outside U.S.

Technology was definitely VERY different including new things like tablet PCs, kindles, and smart-phones that were accessible to the general public. I spent a great deal of time deciding whether I needed a data plan or not and decided I wasn't quite ready to make that transition yet. I haven't regretted it once. The Southcenter mall renovation is also SO overwhelming.

Many things haven't changed. Although my friends are sporting new significant others, new houses, new cars, and new children in many cases, who they are and why I love them has thankfully not changed. I am here at my parent's house which also hasn't changed and the weather is comfortably dreary.

All in all, I am settling into life in the U.S. nicely. I have a job which is a HUGE challenge (in a good way). The cat, after an overwhelming in-cabin journey (my fellow passengers were thankful that the kitty whining was drowned out by the engine noise) to the U.S. and a harrowing near-fatal liver infection, is also loving his new life.

Donal and I are settling into the long-distance relationship as well. The first month was pretty easy (we had been apart that long before on previous visits I made here) and the second not-so-easy. I am thankful for international calling plans and Skype which allow us to talk or text almost every day. It is hard not to be able to see each other but we both know it is only temporary and will be SO worth spending the rest of our lives together.

That is a short update on whats been going on. Next time I will update you on the immigration process and WEDDING PLANS. Hasta Luego.