Monday, November 26, 2007

The Great Jean Experiement

Day 1

Today is the day after thanksgiving. I have decided to test to see how long I can wear my jeans without feeling like too much of a dirtball. The objective of this experiment is to reduce my stress about packing for Guatemala by proving that I can wear the same pair of jeans for a long time without panicking. I generally only wear jeans for 2 days and wash my clothes quite a lot so I am not sure at all what the outcome will be. Let me tell you a little about these jeans.

They are GAP 1969 jeans, about 3 months old. I bought then with my little brother who tried to convince me to get straight leg jeans which look good on him but awful on me. So these jeans are bootcut and are my sturdiest jeans, though not my favorite. They are mildly dark blue and look pretty good on me I think. Basically, they are your average pair of medium-priced blue jeans.

Day 1: The jeans are freshly washed, which everyone knows means they are a little hard to get on, but I succeeded. Today I went to lunch with Hannah in Freemont and walked around for awhile. I bought 2 CDs that I didn’t need. “Happenstance” by Rachel Yamagata and “Hvart-Heim” by Sigur Ros. I got home at around 4, ate Thanksgiving leftovers with my parents and met some friends for bowling. I bowled poorly but had fun hanging out and playing a little DDR. Overall, I was pleased with the performance of my jeans. They feel nice, not too stretched out but not too tight.

Day 2

Today my family and I drove to Oregon to see family. We spent 3.5 hours with my entire family (5 of us) in my Dad’s 5 seat Passat wagon. We stopped at my Aunt Susie’s house to say hello to her and my Uncle Pat and their 8 kids before going to my grandparent’s house. There, we spent time watching football and knitting. In the evening, the whole family came over for dinner (My grandparents small house + 30 people = chaos). It was a lot of fun. Afterward, I went to stay at my Aunt Ginny’s house but hung out with my Cousins and my brothers across the street until pretty late. My jeans worked really well on the entire car ride. They were comfortable, which means a lot on a ride like that. They survived all the kids and the food. They still fit well and feel nice and not too dirty.

Day 3

More family time and the drive back to Washington. I am surprised, because my jeans still feel good and don’t really feel grungy at all. When we got home I went shopping at Target and then to hang out at Keri’s house. I told her about the experiment and she told me that she has a pair of jeans that she thinks she could wear every day forever without washing them and they would still be good. Interesting…

Day 4

I have decided not to wear my jeans today. Not because the experiment has failed but because I think it could go on forever. I think I would wear my jeans indefinitely if I had to (not that I would want to…). However, I feel content knowing that in the event that I can’t do laundry for a very long time, I will have something to wear that makes me look decent.

I deem this experiment a success. My jeans deserve a name…a good Spanish name for my new life…


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Jake said...

i really hope you dont plan to talk, in detail, about your clothes in all of your blog entries because that would be super lame.