Saturday, December 22, 2007

Two weeks!

Well, it seems there are only two weeks left until my departure. Time went really fast. It seems like just yesterday I was looking at two more months in the US. These next few weeks are going to be really crazy trying to see everyone before I go. I have a tendency to want to do everything and make everyone happy which is ending up being really difficult. I already feel like I have run out of time to do all the things I was thinking about doing.

I am starting to get less nervous and more excited to go. I am ready for an adventure and after all this time building up my expectations I am anxious for things to get started. I am also anxious to get my goodbyes over with. I am horrible at saying goodbye and I have to basically say goodbye to everyone I have ever known in the next two weeks. I am really going to miss everyone here. Sometimes I wish life could just stay the same as it is now forever. I also know that we never learn anything if we stay where we are comfortable. I need this experience and so does everyone else I love.

Good news, I have an address you can send me mail at! I will need lots of encouragement so start sending me nice letters!

Andrea Stanaway, PCT

8 Calle 6-55, Zone 9

Guatemala City, 01009

Guatemala, Central America

Office Tel. # 502.2384.3800

(needed for FedEx, DHL, etc.)

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