Monday, January 14, 2008

Place of Volcanoes...

Hello all!

I only have a few minutes here at the training center. It turns out that my town doesn't have an internet cafe so I will have to travel to Antigua or wait until mondays when we return to Santa Lucia for training classes. I feel bad robbing the other volunteers of internet time so this one will have to be quick.

Now I am living (for 3 months!) in a town called Alotenango. It is just south of Antigua at the bases of the volcanoes Agua and Fuego. Don't worry thoug, Agua is dormant. Fuego, on the other hand, causes small tremors and sometimes has lava flows but I am asssured that it is very safe! It makes for some beautiful scenery though, I can't wait to send pictures! I am there with 3 other volunteers and we will have language and technical classes there in town most of the time. My family is really nice although a little quiet so far. It will be a lot better once my Spanish is better because we can have more conversations. They are pretty young. Don Jaime and Don Aura are both around 31 or 32. They have two kids, Christian who is 4 (starting Kinder today!) and a 6 month old little girl called Andrea (there are always 2 Andreas in my life...). Also there lives Aura's mother and father, and her sister. Her Aunt and Grandmother live next door so there is always lots of family around.

It was a little hard to leave the safety net of the other volunteers in Santa Lucia, especially Jan who has been my companion through everything so far. The night before we left the power went out and Don Estuardo pushed his motorcycle up to the door and we had dinner by motorcycle headlight. It was great fun!

When I got to Alotenango there was a bit of confusion because a sticker from Mark's luggage got stuck to mine so they thought I would be a little different. Dona Aura said she had flowers in the room but she took them out because she thought I would be Mark.

I am adjusting well and I know it will get a lot easier from here. Well, I need to go get my rabies vaccine! I miss you all, keep writing. e-mails too (that means you Kerianne!)

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Andrea!
Lonnie here. Hope you are getting settled in with your new endeavor. I am in Australia now on business but will be back home soon so I hope to talk with your Dad to see how things are with you and the rest of the family. Let us know if you need anyting.