Friday, May 16, 2008

Picture Day

On Wednesday I took my camera to the school to get a few pictures of kids. They insisted on taking a picture of myself. I tried to explain why I wouldn't want a picture of myself but they didn't quite understand. Atleast you guys might get to enjoy it!
This is a group of the youngest kids I work with...esentially kindergarten/preschool. They are actually the bravest out of all when it comes to talking to me and being my friend.
This kid really wanted his picture taken. He is drinking atol which they serve the kids during snack. It is kind of milky-rice drink. I really love it. He does too!
This is what happened when I told him to smile... I love the other kid looking so concerned in the background. They are really happy kids, I promise. There is something ingrained in the Guatemalan mind that smiling in pictures is silly.
This might be my favorite that I took.
Me in the sea of children. I have 3-4 other pictures just like this with the kids switched out for other ones...I chose this one to show you.
Ok, now the real work I do is right here...tooth-brushing! This school has already got it down, it is furthest along out of all of them.
My favorite part of the day is right after they brush their teeth and I ask them to show me. I get the biggest, brightest clean-teeth smiles in the whole world!


Christine said...

That's so awesome! The funny thing is I work in an after school program in Denver and my students look just like the kids in those photos (including the not-smiling part!). You're totally right about there being people next door that could use a hand. My life is full of them, and somehow it makes it more frustrating that they're next door. At least it would make sense if they were Africans that were struggling, right? But how can kids go hungry in the US? Right?

Also, thought you should know... I'm seriously considering joining the Peace Corps in large part because you've taught me its possible. I need my citizenship first though, but in the meantime I'm looking at World Teach and/or Habitat for more short-term adventures.

Hope you're doing well!
(from Jterm in Africa)

Christy said...

So cute!