Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lovely Alta

Yesterday I went on a long trek on a dirt road. There were butterflies dancing around my head and crickets chirping. Below me lush green hills stretched for miles...paradise right?

Well, it is certainly very nice. This week I am just northeast of Coban in Alta Vera Paz. I get to visit a volunteer that has been working here a year to see what her life is like and what my future might hold. I am having a really good time hanging out with her (named Jill). She lives in this little town about two hours outside of Coban. Yesterday we went to two of the schools she is working in (two hour walk in total) and tommorrow we will go to two more. Today she had a meeting in Coban so we are spending the afternoon running errands around here.

It is so nice to have a little independence. Yesterday we made hummus and falafel and tonight we are eating pasta and we are going to make cookies (a nice break from the Guatemala food even though I love it). We also go to go to a cooking class yesterday and we made caramelized plantains which smelled a lot like apple pie...I missed the US just a little=).

I really love it up here. The scenery is really green which reminds me a lot of home. I am hoping to get placed here but there are only a few sites available so we will see what happens. It is really nice to see how her life is and have an idea of what is in store for me. She is in a really small town which is something I am hoping for and also gets to do some work with NGOs in the area which I would love. She also talked a lot about her friends and family coming to visit her and I cant wait to share all of this with everyone!

I find out on Monday the 3rd where my site will be and I am really anxious. I am really going to miss my family in Alotenango but I am definitely ready to get started. I will let you know as soon as I can! Keep thinking about me, write me letters! Big hugs!

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