Saturday, February 9, 2008


This week, we made tortillas at Jessica's house for Spanish class. I already had a little experience because my Abuela let me help her a few times. It is really hard to get them right with the right shape, round, and thin. People here have been doing it since age 4 so the learning curve is a bit steep. I am getting better though...

They tasted really good with lemon and salt. Jessica's parents told me I was ready for my Guatemalan husband! Jaime says I just need to know how to make beans but the beans in a can here taste pretty good so I am pretty sure I could manage. I'm just missing the husband part...

We also took a tour of a Macadmeia nut farm that is owned by this really crazy old American guy. He was really nice and helpful but for every one fact he gave us he told 5 dirty jokes in Spanish. It was pretty funny and the Macademia nuts were SO good. They have trees they donate to indigenous communities and I bought some Macademia butter. It is SO good. Yesterday was our last day with Eduardo as our Spanish teacher. Jessica's sister made a pineapple upside down cake. Today we get to go to his house for dinner and meet his wife and kids. I am really excited. Today we celebrate our one month Anniversary in Guatemala. Everyone from our training class is still here. Only 2 months until I go to my site. 2 months to get better at Spanish/being a teacher!

Thanks again for the support. This is Jessica's cat, Manino (and Mel). He's real cute but I think he gave me fleas. Bummer.

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