Sunday, March 16, 2008

¡Hot like Lava!

Last week we took a trip to see the Volcan de Pacaya near Guatemala City. It is one of the active volcanoes around here and so we were stoked to see some lava. There is a volunteer living there named Carlos (Kyle--in the photo with the walking stick) who took us up there to see the Volcano, it was pretty amazing.

So, after a 1.5 hour uphill climb we finally got to see our goal: the flowing lava. It was SO cool, you can actually hear the cracking noise of the cooling lava rolling down the side of the Volcano.

To my amazement/horror, we actually walked out onto the cooled lava to get a closer look at the lava flow. It was SO hot (I am a genious I know). I was expecting campfire hot, but it was lava.

So we did the only thing that makes sense when you ar sitting around a flowing mass of lava...we roasted marshmallows!

They were the best s´mores I have EVER tasted. They don´t have graham crackers here but they do have chickies which are vanilla sandwich cookies with chocolate covering one side...oh so tasty!


Anonymous said...

I thought we taught you better: chew with your mouth closed and "Stay back from lava flows" !

Dad (<;

Christine said...

Um... Jealous?