Sunday, March 30, 2008

My new (and final) address

Andrea Stanaway
Voluntaria del Cuerpo de Paz
Recomendado por el Correo de Cabrican
Cabrican, Quetzaltenango
Guatemala, Central America

If you send things to the Peace Corps address in Antigua, they will still get to me. It will just take a little longer because they have to forward it to me in Xela and I have to go pick it up. I have heard a lot of “I have stuff to send you…” but my mailbox is still feeling a little lonely so…send me a letter atleast!

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Lonnie Yates said...

Lonnie Yates here. Just returned from our trip to South America (Chile-Argentina) though we only roughed it on a cruise ship. Weather was cold for summer but one can't change those things.
So you are now offical and at your destination. I will try to get the gang to put something together for you.
Hope you get over the queezy stomach.
Lonnie and Linda